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Welcome to le Zeste Catering & Consulting

LE ZESTE is a young, dynamic and "Zesty" company that stands for innovative, flexible and affordable new ideas in the world of the Culinary field.

The same principles that made my success in the food industry for the past several years are the foundation of LE ZESTE:

  • Dishes prepared in our kitchens with top quality ingredients (organic when available).
  • Prompt, dependable and friendly service.
  • Committed to affordably exceed your expectations.
  • Personal attention to details.
With our new facility we will be able to serve you from dinners of 10 to receptions of 1000.
I will continue to be involved with every project that LE ZESTE handles, which means the same personal client/caterer relationship.
At LE ZESTE we are committed to treat Clients, Employees and Ingredients with the utmost respect, to make every part of our operation a pleasure to be involved in, because remember, FOOD IS LOVE, they both need each other to thrive.
Chef Christophe